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Vintage Computer Festival Europa
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!!! ACHTUNG !!!
The VCFe will be postponed to autumn.
New date:

September 7th and 8th, 2024

Same location, same time.
!!! ACHTUNG !!!
Due to damage to the ceiling, the ESV events hall is closed until further notice. The VCFe cannot therefore take place as planned and will be postponed to autumn. We ask for your forgiveness and understanding for the situation.
!!! ACHTUNG !!!


This list is as a convenience service for you and is no way an offer, nor a statement of availability pricing. All informations have been compiled in 2002. For current pricing, availability and reservation, please contact the respective service provider.

VCFe Special

The Hotel Eisenreich, is located about 500 meter (600 yards) from the VCFe site.

Hotel Eisenreich
Baumkirchner Str. 17
81673 München
Tel: +49 / 89 - 43 40 21
Fax: +49 / 89 - 431 29 24
Single RoomEUR 63/Night
Double RoomEUR 83/Night
Three Bed RoomEUR 100/Night

Don't forget to mention the VCFe. The price includes all taxes and a complementary breakfast.

Etap Hotels

The three ETAP Hotels (The web page sends incomplete headers, you might have to change character coding manually to Unicode/UTF-8) in Munich are a real budget priced offer. These hotels are designed for maximum price reductions (well, you still get a free piece of soap :). They offer no breakfast. Also there is no 24h reception service. The closest comparison are US American motels. The French owner, Accor (the web page is, thanks to some Java errors, not very useful) bought, some years ago, the Motel 6, one of the biggest US motel chains. If you know their renovated locations, you may feel like your at home.

Etap München Süd
Michael-Haslbeck-Str. 20
85640 Putzbrunn
Tel: +49 / 89 - 68 84 870
1 PersonEuro 43/Night
2 PersonsEuro 48/Night
Distance to VCFe: ca. 30 minutes.
Etap München City Süd
Tegernseer Landstr. 174a
81539 München
Tel: +49 / 89 - 69 79 86 40
1 PersonEuro 43/Night
2 PersonsEuro 48/Night
Only a few car parks are available, add DM 7/Night.
Distance to VCFe: ca. 20 minutes.
Etap München Nord
Daimlerstr. 3
85748 Garching
Tel: +49 / 89 - 32 70 95 20
1 PersonEuro 39/Night
2 PersonsEuro 44/Night
Distance to VCFe: ca. 30 minutes.

Please reserve early, and plan your arrival ahead, since the reception is only open between 7 and 10 AM and 5 to 11 PM.

Other Hotels

The Golden Leaf Hotel Altmünchen (Starting at Euro 38/Night) or the Hotel Stadt Rosenheim are also in easy accessable distance from VCFe. The Hotel Directory of the city of Munich does offer a lot more useful links to hotels.


There is only one camp ground inside the city. Per night in your tent it is about 5-10 Euro. They also offer room in heated rooms around 10 Euro per night and person. Distance to VCFe: 25 Minutes.

Youth Hostels

CVJM-Jugendgästehaus München
The CVJM (YMCA) house is located in the inner city, right at the Schillerstraße area where every second shop is a PC or electronic parts shop - maybe the most dense area of these kind in the whole world. Price starting at 25 Euro per night and person in a 3 bed room. Distance to VCFe: 20 Minutes.
DJH Jugendgästehaus München
There are three youth hostels of the DJH in or around Munich (JH München, JGH München and JH Burg Schwaneck). Although a bit outside the city, JH Burg Schwaneck in Pullach makes a great place to stay - it is located in a castle, build about 150 years ago. Prices range from 20 to 40 Euro per night and person. Distance to VCFe is between 15 and 45 Minutes. If you don't mind a long ride every morning (ca 60 Minutes) the JH Steinebach is a very cozy setting outside the city, in a way rural Bavarian area (right next to the city:).
4 you münchen-ökologisches Jugendgästehaus & Hotel
Simple, almost adventurous but recommended. Just 16.50 Euro per night in a 12 Bed room and 20 Minutes to VCFe. They also offer single rooms, from 33 Euro up to 100 Euro per night.
haus international Jugendgästehaus
Starting at 23 Euro per night and person in a 5 bed room and going up to 63 Euro per night in a luxury single room including full meals. Most definitely a value for your money. 25 minutes to VCFe.

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