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Vintage Computer Festival Europa
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Swap Meet / Flea Market:

Swap Meet

For some, the flea market may be the most important part of the VCFe. Hunting for old stuff can be addictive.

The flea market is open for all classic or classic related sales. For your convenience all sales will be handled thru the Consignment Booth.

There's only one rule:
Everything younger than 10 years is BAD, BAD, BAD !

Consignment Booth:

Price 20% from sales price
What do you get? We handle all negotiation and the final sale for you. No wast of time and energy.

Just drop your valuable goods at the counter, list you asking price, as well as minimum price in the big book of sales, sign your order and we'll do the rest.

Achtung: All items not sold, have to be claimed by Sunday 18:00 (6 p.m.), otherwise they will be scraped without any refund. Furthermore all revenue is to be collected until the same, above stated, time. Unclaimed money will be held for personal pickup only until May 31st, in Munich. No other form of transaction will be accepted.

Questions ?
Click here and write!

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