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Vintage Computer Festival Europa
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!!! ACHTUNG !!!
The VCFe will be postponed to autumn.
New date:

September 7th and 8th, 2024

Same location, same time.
!!! ACHTUNG !!!
Due to damage to the ceiling, the ESV events hall is closed until further notice. The VCFe cannot therefore take place as planned and will be postponed to autumn. We ask for your forgiveness and understanding for the situation.
!!! ACHTUNG !!!

Peoples Choice Award and Give Away

The People's Choice award is given to the exhibit that gathers the most votes from the VCF attendees. All visitors are called to name their favorite display. The following prizes are given to the top 3 nominees:

First: tbd
Second: tbd
Third: tbd
(Achtung: This list may be changed or extended any time until the final moment) To participate, every visitor will receive a vote form with his ticket, to mark the 'best' display or project. The vote is to be deployed at the polling station near the exit. Possible criteria's for the selection are:
  • Rarity
  • Preservation
  • Documentation
  • Display
  • Kreative use of technology
  • or maybe just the overboarding enthusiasm of the exhibitor :)
There is no wrong or right, just the personal impression. If you also add your name and address, you will participate in a drawing of a classic home computer.

Give away

On Sunday one person will be drawn out of the votes to receive a classic homecomputer as a gift.

Fine Print:

  • Only votes with a recognizable name are eligible.
  • The vote has to name a display as favorite.
  • Only votes deployed by Sunday 1500 are eligible for drawing.
  • Votes deployed after 1600 on Sunday will not eligible to participate.
  • If there is no address (or other possible way of contact) on the vote form, a time of 15 minutes will be given to the winner to report to the drawing committee. If no response is received within 15 minutes the price will be void. The VCFe organization may decide to perform a new drawing.
  • There is no legal claim in any way possible.
  • Since the called prize will be a unit more than 10 years of age and used, no liability or guarantee of function will be given. It is also likely that any manufacturers guarantee is void.
  • Of the same reason no statement about completeness, original condition or state of preservation will be given.
  • Please note that the units may be of US-American origin and therefore made to be use at 120V. A direct use in an 230V Environment may NOT be possible.
  • Also it is likely that this units are designed to work only with NTSC displays. A use with PAL or SECAM TV sets may produce undesirable effects.
  • In case of dispute the German rules are to be used.

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